Expanding the Global Marketplace

 Classic Energy LLC is a leading market provider of wholesale brokerage services, providing our clients with a distinct source of information and liquidity.


 Classic Energy provides its clients with the most efficient means of gathering information and executing trades by employing experienced brokers with market knowledge and state of the art technology. As a neutral intermediary, Classic Energy enables its clients to transact on competitive terms while they focus on creating value for their business.

Our Advantages

Range of Services

Our team of expert brokers are knowledgeable in various markets and can offer a wide range of professional services. This variety of services allows Classic Energy to better serve its customers.


Classic Energy is located in Houston, Texas, the center of the nation's energy industry. This central location positions Classic Energy near many clients and perspective partners.

Veteran Brokers

Classic Energy's brokers have years of industry experience and knowledge. Classic Energy's seasoned team of professionals are able to handle any of your brokerage needs.

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